Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate


The alignment and geometric applications programs that are included in the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate, compliment each other. Having a properly aligned machine starts already at the time of its installation, e.g. with checking that the machine foundation is flat before the machine is installed upon it. If the machine foundation is skewed or warped in any way, that will influence the machine’s capability to work under optimal conditions. In these times with tight tolerances and increasingly optimized machine designs and foundations,it is even more important to focus on the root cause of outages in preventive maintenance.


  • Our largest range of alignment plus geometric applications
  • Geometric routines for straightness and flatness
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Large touch screen
  • Color coded results
  • Improved 3D animations with video game quality graphics
  • MEMS gyroscope built-in to both sensors and the display unit
  • Large 30 millimeter 2nd generation scientific grade CCD sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth® II built-in to the thinnest sensors on the market
  • Lifetime Warranty  
  • Runout Probe    

Runout Probe

   MaxMin ROP    Sensor Display ROP

Runout Probe is a battery-powered measuring probe that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to Fixturlaser NXA Display Unit. It can be used for:

  • Axial and radial runout checks on flanges
  • Checking movements on machine feet (soft foot)
  • Liftcheck
  • Checking movements due to pipe strain
  • Thermal growth on machine casings
  • Eccentric or skewed mounting of coupling hubs
  • Checking bore shaft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


picture of Fixturlaser  NXA Ultimate straightness graphic

The application programs for straightness include:

icon of standard target of  NXA Ultimate
• Standard
Straightness: used for measuring machine guides, machine beds, machine ways, and guide rails.

icon of Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate Clock Method target
icon of Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate Arc Angle Method target

• Straightness
with the Clock Method or the Arc Angle Method: useful for bore and half bore measurements, such as bearing journals in compressors and diesel engines, and turbines with split casings.


picture of Fixturlase NXA Ultimate rectangular graphic
picture of Fixturlase NXA Ultimate circular graphic

The flatness application programs include:

NXA Ultimate Rectangular icon
NXA Ultimate Circular  icon

• Rectangular flatness: used for measurements of e.g. machine beds and machine foundations.

• Circular flatness: useful for measurement of flanges.


Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate Graphic user interface

Our laser alignment programs are entirely based on color coded icons, symbols, measurement values, and 3D animated screen pictures; the geometrical pro­grams have the same design of the graphical user interface. It will guide you throughout the entire configuration, measurement and adjustment process, where e.g. the green arrows will show you in which direction you need to move the machine or the measurement object. During this entire process, the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate shows live values and there is no need for remea­surements in between adjustments; the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate delivers the machine’s true position. The Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate’s display unit is one of a kind in the market as it is fitted out with the largest color touch screen available, a whole 6,4‛‛ in size. [sic Fixturlaser]


Five effects os Misalignment
Five effects os Misalignment
VertiZontal Process
VertiZontal Process
Fixturlaser Soft Foot
Fixturlaser Soft Foot