Fixturlaser OL2R

Measurements of dynamic movements are used for critical machines within industries, where large temperature differences or other disturbing factors exist. The need for measurement of dynamic movements is often indicated by a high level of vibrations. For some machines these high levels remain even after having performed shaft alignment in cold condition. The Fixturlaser NXA together with the OL2RNXA Expansion kit helps you to overcome this costly and time consuming problem by performing offline-to-running measurements.

The measurements provide you with machine unique target values to be used for compensation during shaft alignment. The Fixturlaser OL2R NXA Expansion kit consists of both software and fixtures. The Fixturlaser OL2RNXA fixtures are both equipped with a laser pointer, which means that the Fixturlaser NXA alignment system is not needed in order to mount the fixtures. Thanks to this feature the mounting can be performed fast and by someone who does not necessarily need to have the knowledge about shaft alignment and Fixturlaser NXA.


Mount the tooling ball on each machine. Ensure that the bolt is tighten and that the arrangement is firmly mounted to the machine casing. Check that the laser is adjusted to the rotational centre by rotating the turret on each fixture. Adjust the fixtures until both the lasers are hitting the centre of the opposing target. Tighten the screw on the fixture and make sure that it is stable while rotating the turrets. Turn off the laser beams in the fixtures and mount the Fixturlaser NXA sensors on the posts of the fixtures. Set the sensors so that they are approximately at the same rotational angle when taking the three measurements. Perform the measurement in both cold and hot condition. Thereafter continue with the shaft alignment using the target values. [sic Fixturlaser] 


OL2R thermal Growth
OL2R thermal Growth